Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Computer Art Lesson Plan for Stage 1 and 2 Children Using Microsoft Paint

An ideal art lesson for kids is to use a standard Windows programme such as Paint. Windows Paint will enable youngsters to create eye-catching designs by simple means and also to explore computer software for the first time by using the mouse and clicking functions.

How to Use Paint for Kids

Microsoft Paint can easily be found by clicking on the Office graphic on the lower left of the computer screen and then selecting ‘Paint’. If Paint cannot be found, look under ‘Accessories’. Click on Paint and a blank screen with toolbars on the right and above can be found. Kids may explore what the different tools do, but a simple demo in the form of a Smartboard presentation will enable kids to see how it works before practice.

Instruction for Creating Computer Art Lesson for Kids

The teacher may show kids some examples of the sort of artwork that can be achieved by this simple software, as can be seen in the Youtube slideshow, comprising images created by 9 year old Joseph Busby.

The following computer art instructions will help kids get used to the Paint tools quickly before practice.
  • Click on ‘view’, ‘zoom’, ‘custom and then select either 12.5% or 25% to gain an overall view of the blank screen.
  • Click on any shape then click and drag on the screen, and the shape will be inserted onto the screen. Circles, ellipses, rectangles or polygons can be chosen from.
  • Drag the mouse outwards on the screen, and the shape will appear bigger; drag it into the shape, and it will appear smaller.
  • Click the ‘undo’ button beneath ‘edit’ and the action will be undone, handy for mistakes.
  • A selection of line thicknesses can be found by clicking on the line icon. Move the cursor over the screen to draw a straight line.
  • Click on the paint tin after selecting a colour from the colour palette, and a clicked enclosed area will be filled with that colour, as can backgrounds.
Free Art Software for Kids in Class

 Kids may click other icons in order to explore different functions. By the end of class, however each child must have completed a simple design by the use of line, shape and colour. If necessary, the ‘save’ function may be used or designs will be lost. Differentiation is available in the form of the use of other functions, such as the cut and paste function and the use of the other paint tools such as airbrush, pencil and brush. Freehand drawing may also be explored.

IT Art Lesson for Schools Using Microsoft Paint

Using computer software for the first time can be made easy for kids by creating immediate and eye-catching deigns. Microsoft Paint is a simple computer software, ideal for getting kids used to the mouse and using tools to create colourful art. Line, shape and colour can be blended to create lots of imagery. Hand to eye coordination may be exercised as well as learning about how computer functions work for various effects.

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