Friday, 17 February 2012

About The Artclass Challenge Blog

Developing artists looking for exercises to expand art techniques or teachers looking for art lesson plans may find something on this blog to fulfill a particular requirement. Online artclass challenges exploring the key art mediums: pencils, acrylics, watercolours, oils, alkyds and pastels are covered here. Art activities to suit young children to adults of varying abilities can also be found.

New Ideas for Artistic Expression

Finding new art challenges to try can be difficult if seeking inspiration or new ideas. An over-familiarity with one’s chosen medium can make the practice seem stale. But trying a new way of colour mixing, untried subject matter or combining two techniques can bring a fresh insight.

Art Lesson Plans for Arts Education

In this vein, this blog can be used by developing artists and teachers alike. A section for teachers can be found on matters as lesson planning, learning theories, assessments and health & safety, etc,.

Each artclass challenge can be used by teachers and artists, and comprise of clear sections:
  • Introductory paragraphs setting out the challenge.
  • Art materials needed for the artclass.
  • The method, describing step by step instructions on how each drawing or painting exercise was done.
  • Differentiation via suggestions on how less confident students as well as those who are more experienced may adjust the activities to suit ability.
  • Links to related articles and videos that may further inform on the art lesson.
Essentials of Learning Art

Overall, the submenu on the right are divided into:
  • Teaching Art: Preparing for the art class, such as making a safe studio, writing objectives and basic learning theories.
  • Art Materials for Artclass: Information about the art materials needed for the art lessons.
  • Essential Art Theories: Lessons to underpin painting, such as colour theory, composing paintings and basic drawing methods.
  • Art Lessons for Children: Art activities for infants and juniors.
  • Painting for Beginners: Artclass for first-time adults.
  • Classes for Practising Artists: Classes for intermediate ability.
  • Experimental Art: Art lessons to encourage advancement.
  • Advanced Class: Art lessons for experienced artists.
  • Life Class: Art lessons on rendering the figure.
  • Literacy in Art: Ideas to incorporate literacy into art class, such as research assignments and dissertations.
  • Artclass Differentiation: Creating differentiation for students who need support.
  • What Went Wrong? Troubleshooting problem areas in the art lesson where things didn’t go to plan.
  • Evaluation & Assessment: How to inform students of their progress and to conduct the end-of-course assessment.
Art Lesson Ideas in Clear Sections

This blog is designed for developing artists and art teachers looking for art activities or lesson plans. A section on how to prepare for teaching will also help art teachers get to grips with conducting a class; the numerous artclass challenges.offers comprehensive ideas on art activities.

The introductory section and the basics of art theory have been sourced from my book, How Can I Inspire my Painting Class? (which focuses upon art lesson ideas for oil painting.) But this blog offers comprehensive ideas for art exercises for a wider choice of art mediums including acrylics, alkyds, pastels and watercolors.
Art Materials and Further Painting Tips

Advice on buying easels
How to mix greens
Colour mixing theory

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