Friday, 17 February 2012

Book for Art Teachers: How Can I Inspire my Painting Class?

My teaching book on oil painting for post compulsory education could come in useful for the art teacher who has hit a mental block when it comes to oil painting lesson ideas.

Guidance for Art Teachers

My book which condenses my knowledge of oil painting and my experiences teaching art is in fourteen sections, which are: guide to art materials, students’ needs, preparing to teach art, the initial lessons, lessons to underpin painting, lessons on colour use, lessons exploring painting techniques, lessons on still life painting, lessons on landscape art, lessons on alfresco painting, lessons on life painting, lessons for further exploration, end of course preparation and assessment.

How Students Learn

A gifted artist does not necessarily make a great teacher although it might help. This is why learning theories are essential in helping the teacher understand the different ways people learn. Practical issues such as the layout of the classroom, logistical factors of the art materials and making the most of the time available are just few of the many issues surrounding art delivery, and which is likely to result in a more efficient class. These problems are tackled in this book.

Art Lessons for Oil Painting

The main body of my book offers art lesson plan ideas for still life, landscape, figures and abstract art lesson plans. Although inspired by this book, only the preparatory chapters and basic theories have been used in this blog. The oil painting lesson plans themselves have not been included here. But if needing ideas for teaching oils, 60 or so lesson plans can be found within. My book is available on Kindle and most key ebook sellers. The hard copy is available in full colour, or for a fraction of the price, a black and white version is available. See details below the preview video.

Teaching Guide for Oil Colours

How Can I Inspire my Art Class? – Lesson Plan Ideas for Oil Painting in Post Compulsory Education, and an Essential Guide to Teaching is 46,000 words long, with 90 images. The dimensions of the hard copy are 8.5x5.5in and 220 pages long. The print version of the black and white edition is $8.99 (the colour edition is $28.99). Kindle version is around $3.
For art lesson ideas for different age groups and different art mediums, read on here.

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